Am I Alive?  

I can’t breath, am I alive? 

How much longer will I survive?

From this pain and this misery, 

When will it finally bury me?

Look at the cuts covering my skin,

Can’t you see the demons within?

Will you ever believe in me? 

I’m know I’m not the daughter you want me to be. 

Will I ever be okay again?

Or will the depression finally win? 


Life is hell… 

I work a job I hate.

Weekends I spend alone.

When can I just end it? 

Make This End 

What did I do wrong?

Why are the days so long?

Will I ever win this fight? 

I can’t do anything right.

Give me a bottle of pills.

Death is full of thrills.

Who cares if I’m here?

Loneliness is what I fear.

Gone from sight.

Fear of night.

Silents screams.

Violent dreams. 

Depression my one friend.

Please make this end. 


Life seems really pointless to me now. I’ve graduated, and started working basically full time. But now it’s just get up, go to work, go to bed. Everyday.. What’s the point? Do a lot of new graduates feel this way? Or is it just my depression making me feel this way? 


Everything is against me, I can’t hold on. 

No one will miss me if I’m gone. 

Depression I’ve had it, I guess you’ve won.

Goodbye world because I’m done. 

Real ~ NF

My life is a mess, better watch your step when you step in it

Some of this brain is off limits

I’m off in aWorld that you don’t get cause you ain’t ever been in it

In 10 minutes, I still couldn’t explain what’s inside my brain, don’t mess with itReal by NF 

Don’t Want It!!

I don’t know what’s right or wrong anymore, I’m so confused. I don’t really care if I win,  I’m ready to lose. I feel so misunderstood, like I don’t really fit. If this is how life us gonna be, than I don’t want it.

Suicide date 

Last year 5/5/16 was my suicide date. One thing I’ve figured out since then, life doesn’t get easier; it does get better, even though most days are still shit. But there are days that are so amazing they are worth the bad days. Even just living from one good day to the next is getting me through the terrible ones. There are still times where I wish I would have ended it, but then I remember there are people who love me and that keeps me going. Just gotta hold on and keep going even when it’s the hardest thing to do. 

Sad Music 

People tell me that listening to dark or sad music will make my depression worse. But honestly it’s the happy music that makes me worse. Cause I can’t relate to the happy music. And that makes me more depressed. Sad/ dark music. I can relate to, I can understand where the artist is coming from. I know I’m not alone in my sadness. But not everyone understands that. 

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