Curse And a Blessing

Are you one of those people who can feel others emotions? Like when their sad you become sad, when their hurting you hurt, or when they are happy you are happy? Strange isn’t it? I think it is a curse and also a blessing to be one of these people. Lets start with the positive, the blessing: you get to share more deeply there joy and laughter. When your Down there happiness can brighten your day! The curse: sometimes because you feel their hurt, grief or pain so intensely, it feels like your carrying a huge weight on your shoulders. It’s especially hard when you don’t know how to comfort this person.


1 thought on “Curse And a Blessing”

  1. It can be difficult, but by you feelings their emotions you can help them to feel better if they are burdened, they can save their words because you already know. It will always be hard but at least we know how they are feeling. We can fix things, if only for a short while.


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