I’m tired of surviving each day, when I know that the next day will be the same. I’m amounting to nothing, and I’m the only one to blame. How much longer will I last here, I’m holding on to my last hope. Inch by inch, getting closer and closer to the end of my rope. Will I ever be okay again? This has been going on for years. Just looking to the days ahead has my eyes filling with tears. My thoughts are loud and evil, they tear me up inside. And I know I am alive, but I feel as though I’ve died. But can I even say that, for I feel nothing at all. It’s in these dark moments that I wanna throw my fist through the wall. Sometimes it seems like the only way to end this war inside, is to put it to it’s final close, through suicide.


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    1. This is cliché but make your life different.
      Like it doesnt have to be a big difference.
      You can change small little things like the font style on your phone, your wallpaper,
      And the next day you’ll wonder hey, why’s my phone different?
      Oh right, i changed it yesterday.
      Drink from a different mug.
      Make more poems.
      Look at others’ poems.
      Then you’ll come to realise
      How much variety the world can be.
      It doesnt have to be a big difference.
      Because everything counts.
      Even the number of steps you take everyday will differ.
      Your handwriting will differ everyday, even though it looks the same.
      These small things make up life.
      If everybody’s handwriting was the same, wouldnt the world be more boring than it now is?
      If everyone walked in unison, what would be the point of being human?
      Take note of the little things in life.
      Do what you love.
      If not, discover it.
      Because the most valuable thing is
      Your life.

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